Cushy Baby mini diapers (80pcs) (3-6kg)

R129.90 incl. VAT

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Product Description

Mini Nappies are suitable for babies weighing 3-6 kg or 3-6-months. It is important to provide easiness of your baby in first months, rapid growing up the term of your baby. Cushy Baby Mini provides comfort s/he needs with the flexible structure and provides them to sleep well. 40 nappies per pack Cushy Baby Nappies keep the wetness away from the baby with its unique absorption layer and allows your baby to move around easily thanks to its elastic ears. Cushy Baby is the preferred nappy for those mothers seeking for an economic and yet high-quality product for their baby.

Features include:

– Dermatologically and Microbiologically tested
– Economical
– Super absorbent quality
– Flushable side panels
– Fun animal character prints

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